Twitter Wit: Brilliance in 140 Characters or Less

9 Ways Twitter Is Making You a Better Writer
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The microblogging site has spread across the globe, with retweets and screenshots meaning it is notoriously difficult to erase those characters once posted. This is a quick read, silly, ridiculous, and a refreshing respite to help clear your head during your lunch hour at work. More Details Dating Makes You Want to Die. While you're there, make sure to check out the other social media pillows. This fucking thing was funny though. Here is one of my favorites from the book: by someone called zolora: "Family will be here in two hours.

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Nonprofit Organizing in 140 Characters or Less

My Mom is a Fob. Teresa Wu. Please Fire Me:. Adam Chromy. Who Peed on My Yoga Mat? Lela Davidson. I Hate Everyone. Matthew DiBenedetti. Dear Old Love. Andy Selsberg.

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Twitter Wit: Brilliance in Characters or Less [Nick Douglas] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. New York Magazine proclaims, "Twitter is. Editorial Reviews. Review. “No matter your opinion of Twitter, you can enjoy some laughs in these character (or fewer) communiques from hundreds of folks.

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140 Characters or Less: Recruiting on Twitter

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Lara Velez. Lorca Damon. The Funniest Facebook Statuses Tommy Robinson. Jess Kimball Leslie. Cube Monkeys.

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Editors of CareerBuilder. Johnny Leblanc. Just Little Things. Nancy Vu. How much can you write with characters or less? Aim for having one or two short sentences. See more of Lori McNee's stellar tweets by following lorimcneeartist. Are hashtags confusing you? HubSpot recommends keeping hashtags to under 11 characters, but shorter if you can. Also, tweets have been found to perform better when they only have one to two hashtags. With limited space, more than two can be overwhelming.

To figure out the best hashtags to use, try using a handy tool called Hashtagify to look up the most popular hashtags related to what you are tweeting about. For example, use acrylic or fineart when tweeting about your latest painting. Clark Hulings used his hashtag perfectly. Follow clarkhulings to see more.

Always make sure you are providing value when you tweet. Just avoid being overly promotional—it turns people off quickly—and remember to sound personable and authentic. Annya Kai sounds authentic and not overly promotional. See more of how she provides value in her tweets by following AnnyaKaiArt. On Wednesdays, noon and to p.

They found that Twitter is used most often during work breaks and the commute to and from work. That is why weekdays are typically best for tweeting, unless you have an active audience on the weekend. One thing to consider is what time zones your followers are in because it may be different than your own.

Luckily, you can use a tool like Tweriod to figure out the best times to tweet for your audience. Good Twitter etiquette includes responding to everyone who interacts with you. If someone retweets you, go ahead and say thank you! Just be aware, if you start your tweet by using their Twitter handle their username starting with the symbol only people who are following both of you will be able to see it.